Growing up in a small farming community in Texas, I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to travel 5,650 miles away from home to visit a foreign country. Now, […]

It has been a few days since I left Paris and returned to my home in California. In some ways it is wonderful to be home, but in other ways […]

I sure am enjoying the leisurely pace of my life in Paris!  I shared with Stan this morning that I believe I was meant to have a palace in the […]

My wake-up call rang LOUDLY in my ear at 5:00 AM. The thoughts in my head went something like this: Yawn! Is it time to get up already? It feels […]

This is going to be short because I have a 5:00 AM wake-up call tomorrow! Stan and I are going on an early photo-shoot so we can take a few […]

Today was about riding the hop on-hop off bus all around Paris.   The idea is that you ride the tour bus (while listening to an audio guide explain interesting […]

Today is Wednesday, June 18, 2014. I am in Paris! Yep! Paris, Baby! I don’t understand a word anyone is saying, but I’m happy to be here. Today was an […]