Growing up in a small farming community in Texas, I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to travel 5,650 miles away from home to visit a foreign country. Now, the idea of traveling the world (well, parts of it anyway), seems as natural as visiting that small town in Texas I used to call […]

It has been a few days since I left Paris and returned to my home in California. In some ways it is wonderful to be home, but in other ways I am sad that my great adventure is over (for now).  Getting back to reality is always difficult as I am now faced with a […]

I sure am enjoying the leisurely pace of my life in Paris!  I shared with Stan this morning that I believe I was meant to have a palace in the Parisian countryside and spend lazy summers reading intriguing novels, sipping cool lemonade, and riding horseback along meandering rivers. And every Saturday I should be attending […]

My wake-up call rang LOUDLY in my ear at 5:00 AM. The thoughts in my head went something like this: Yawn! Is it time to get up already? It feels like I just went to bed! Whose bright idea was it to get up early and take photos at this un-Godly hour anyway? Oh yeah, it was […]

This is going to be short because I have a 5:00 AM wake-up call tomorrow! Stan and I are going on an early photo-shoot so we can take a few shots without crowds of people everywhere. Today (Saturday) we went to see Notre-Dame (exterior only because the line to get in was a mile long), […]

Today was about riding the hop on-hop off bus all around Paris.   The idea is that you ride the tour bus (while listening to an audio guide explain interesting facts about the city and it’s landmarks) to a location that you are interested in seeing and hop off to explore at your own pace. […]

Today is Wednesday, June 18, 2014. I am in Paris! Yep! Paris, Baby! I don’t understand a word anyone is saying, but I’m happy to be here. Today was an easy travel day.  We checked out of the apartment around 11:00 AM and took TWO buses to the train station. It was a little challenging to […]