Greetings from Barcelona, Spain! Yep! Spain, baby! I am so happy to be here I can’t stand myself. But wait, I have to back-up because a lot has happened in […]

Today is Saturday. I can’t believe the week is over already! Our time in Hiroshima has been very low key. We went shopping on Thursday and on Friday we spent […]

Today’s Activity – Shopping!   I only have one thing to share about shopping in Japan: After experiencing the level of customer service I received in stores today, it will […]

Today is Wednesday.   Oh, I was NOT ready to leave Tokyo or the Conrad Hilton this morning! I didn’t even get to enjoy the spa!   Nevertheless, I packed up, […]

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was reach over and push the button that opened my drapes!  Nice! I laid in bed and enjoyed the […]

Monday was a moving day.   Moving day means I have to pack up all my stuff, schlep it, and transfer to a new hotel. I’m usually not ready to […]

I’ll start off by saying that 11+ hours on an airplane is a very long time – even in First Class!   Our first travel day(s) started off at 4:00 […]